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Italian Purple

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The Purple Italian Garlic is a classic hardneck variety that is a favorite among chefs, as its large cloves are easy to peel!  This variety is perfect for planting in northern climates for a delicious summer harvest. This garlic has a sweet and delicate mild flavor that tastes great in salsas and Mediterranean dishes. The Purple Italian is a deep purple-skinned variety that produces 8-12 cloves per bulb. Italian Purple has been noted as being quite rare.
Italian Purple garlic, is one of dozens of Italian garlic varieties and is an heirloom rocambole hardneck garlic.  Italian Purple is a rocambole variety which is particular about it’s growing environment which makes this garlic hard to grow outside areas that don’t have cold winters.
Italian Purple garlic has remained a favorite among gardeners for its color, flavor, and early harvest abilities.

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