About Us

Starting in 2007 Arcade Acres purchased agricultural equipment and began cleaning up 12 acres of tillable land. We began improving the soil naturally by planting winter wheat, Sudan-sorghum grasses, buckwheat, and winter rye. After removing rocks and routinely plowing and planting cover crops, the fields were ready for action!

As of 2017 Arcade Acres dedicated the garlic growing to strictly heirloom varieties.

For our hardneck garlic varieties, we offer German Red, Polish Hardneck, Italian Purple, Romanian Red,  Carpathian,  Siberian,

Our softneck garlic varieties, we have Inchelium, Transylvania, Blanco Piacenza, Polish White, and  Lorz Italian

We will be offering our dried garlic products; Sliced, Granulated and Powdered dried garlic.

Arcade Acres has never used any chemical fertilizers or chemical weed killers. We only use natural cover crops like buckwheat and winter wheat, winter rye and we use organic chicken manure, fish emulsion, and blood meal to provide the garlic an ideal growing environment throughout the year.

Please follow Arcade Garlic Farm on our blog  Updates on our products along with dates and times we will be at farmers markets throughout western New York.

Thank you!

Larry Pogorzala

Founder, Arcade Garlic Farm

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