Culinary Garlic

Culinary garlic is a term used for kitchen garlic. It can be used for seed garlic but I have used this garlic to sell at farmers markets as fresh garlic at a lower price compared to the larger number 1 seed garlic we have which is at $18.00 a pound.

This garlic was given to me by people I have come in contact with over the years, I don’t know what type of hardneck or softneck garlic they are, so I keep planting them every year, then finally I gave them a names.

For the softneck type, there is a small hamlet just north of my fields called Punkshire Corners,  now I have a softneck type garlic named Punkshire.

As for the hardneck type, I called it Arcade Aglio, the town where my garlic fields are and Aglio is garlic in Italian, so there you go.

Arcade Aglio and Punkshire are grown every year, most are used as seed in the fall, some are sliced and dried and the rest are sold for Culinary Garlic (kitchen garlic), the supply is growing to good numbers and will always be available at farmers markets or at a local Garlic Festival.

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