Arcade Garlic Farm. Located south of Buffalo, NY in the town of Arcade.

We have never used any chemical fertilizers, chemical weed killers,

Hardneck Garlic

Hot and full of flavor Rocambole garlic and beautiful and well-formed Porcelain garlic. Shop German Reds and Spanish Roja hardneck garlic.

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Softneck Garlic

A group of bulgy, many-cloved types. Its Papery Skin, Or Sheath, Is A Beautiful Creamy White Color. Browse Blanco Piacenza, Inchelium Red, Italian Late, Polish and Transylvanian.

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Shallots are smoother and sweeter than onions and garlic. They add a special savory element to cuisine.

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Locally grown heirloom garlic since 2017.

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Dried Garlic...

We have added a few dried garlic products. We’ve taken the Northern and German Red […]

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Getting the fields r...

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Harvesting Garlic...

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Planting & Grow...

Planting garlic does require soil preparation starting in the spring well before October planting. Once […]

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